Abacus Mental Mathematics Academy, a Unit of Sai Abacus Education System Pvt. Ltd., a company registered under the Company’s Act, 1956, is an educational organization that is committed to work with children in the area of their skill development. This organisation was established by a group of professionals with varied experience to promote abacus education in association with Mrs. Vasanthi Ranganathan, a noted educationist with 25 years of experience in education and pioneer in bringing Abacus Education into India in the year 1998, the first Abacus Learning Centre was established in Tamil Nadu. Mr.S.N.Kuppuswamy, a management graduate and software engineer is Executive Director on the Board heading northern India operations. Mr. Kuppuswamy has 25 years of experience in finance, administration, event management, systems management, software projects execution and has held various positions in Birla
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