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Welcome to Abacus Mental Mathematics Academy

“Education is not preparation for Life; education is life itself”

– John Dewey

S. N. Kuppuswamy


Our prime motive is to make the subject “Mathematics” easier and overall improvement in Academic Performance of children.

We also focus in Women Empowerment by piloting them achieve financial freedom without disturbing their family/household activities.

As you all know, mathematics is a very important subject, not only to pursue courses like engineering, medicine, science, etc. but to be a successful person in life, as the Life revolves around Numbers 1234567890. The important characteristic of mathematics is the Accuracy. Many children have developed maths phobia because of inaccurate or wrong answers for a mathematical problem. It happens just because of poor foundation in Arithmetic System during their primary education period. Hence, you can understand, if a child a can master Arithmetic System and sharpen his/her memory, the mathematics would be very easy for that child.

Abacus, an ancient tool from China, helps a child to improve his/her overall brain performance besides providing strong foundation in Arithmetic System. Every child is born genius and the brain is the super computer. Our brain only requires proper training for optimum performance and that training is required to be given before 14 years of age, as that is the age for fully developed brain.

Here, the learning abacus plays the major role of exercising the brain for proper development to generate optimum output while improving the skill in mental arithmetic system.

Characters like sharp memory, focused mind, concentration, confidence, analytical mind are essential characters if one wants to be successful. Learning abacus builds these characters.

Had this wonderful education not been introduced in our country, our children would not have benefitted from abacus. The total credit goes to Mrs. Vasanthi Ranganathan, pioneer of Abacus Education in India. She took every pain to bring abacus technique in India in the year 1998.

Director's Message

Director's Message

At a time when the world has entered the age of electronics, the Abacus still enjoys undiminished vitality in China and started proving its worthiness in India too since 1998. Tests have shown that, for operations of addition and subtraction, the abacus is still faster than the electronic calculator. Use of abacus is compulsory in all primary and business schools in China. It is a proven and universally acclaimed system for brain development and agility for many hundred years.

Arithmetic experts continuously strive to research on the aspects of using Mental Arithmetic to speed up learning. The abacus is no longer seen as an archaic means of calculation but as a modern mean of creative learning. It may seem like a simple tool, however, as one steps into the world of abacus, one will be surprised to learn the many mathematical wonders it can perform. It could even put a calculator to shame.

I honestly feel that considering its many advantages, it is most essential that every child must learn Abacus for enhancing brain performance and excel not only in mathematics, but in his/her academics.

I welcome all the students and associates who chose to be a part of AMMA, I am sure that you will feel proud on being associated with us and make us equally proud with your academic excellence.

S. N. Kuppuswamy