Abacus Mental Mathematics Academy, a Unit of Sai Abacus Education System Pvt. Ltd., a company registered under the Company’s Act, 1956, is an educational organization that is committed to work with children in the area of their skill development. This organisation was established by a group of professionals with varied experience to promote abacus education in association with Mrs. Vasanthi Ranganathan, a noted educationist with 35 years of experience in education and pioneer in bringing Abacus Education into India in the year 1998, the first Abacus Learning Centre was established in Tamil Nadu. Mr.S.N.Kuppuswamy, a management graduate and software engineer is Executive Director on the Board heading northern India operations. Mr. Kuppuswamy has 35 years of experience in finance, administration, event management, systems management, software projects execution and has held various positions in Birla group of companies, Golden Peakock group of companies and other corporate, and Institute for Social Sciences & Research in Tamil Nadu.
Mrs. Vasanthi Ranganathan is one of the Makana Award Winners of USA and a Rotary Scholar Award winner. She also holds British Council, India accreditation to teach BEC programs and is the certified examiner for the UCLES program of University of Cambridge, U.K.

She had also been a compere and anchor for several children and women's programs in the Television and Radio. There are several teams who she has worked with over social issues in creating awareness on gender equity and self esteem development. She is a distinguished speaker for several Rotary clubs and educational institutions, and has been invited to be in the selection panel for several scholarships.
Learning throughout one's life and competing for the best have come to stay. She believes that a skill development program, which can make learning a habit, must be inculcated in every child such that they can be better players in the global arena and good learners in their entire lifetime. She felt, Abacus Mental Arithmetic System is a needed education for children in India and took the initiative to bring it into India in the year 1998.
In today’s competitive world, one who is equipped with various skills is in the forefront. Great care is required from parents to nurture the potential in children to bring out the best in them. Neurologist says learning is easy and fun upto the age of 14. Our leaders of tomorrow are developed by parents and educational institutions. Our Academy, through its Abacus education, is committed to raise Indian children to be champions for challenge.
From birth upto teenage years, the range of the brain development is far greater than the physical growth. More importantly, in the first decade of life, the brain’s ability to grow, change and compensate is especially remarkable. These are periods of opportunity, “prime times”, during which the brain is particularly efficient at specific types of learning, and we are committed to generate the best skills in your children.
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