The course “elmas” – Education & Learning of Mental Arithmetic System is specially designed for child learners. This course is professionally structured so that one can progress systematically.
  The first and only Abacus program structure by professional syllabi administrators in India.
  The program is based on famous Chinese techniques popularized by various Malaysian companies in      the world.
  It teaches use of abacus tool to calculate all the arithmetic functions, faster than a calculator with 100%      accuracy.
  It develops speed and accuracy to make our children globally competitive
  It is one of the best tools for developing learning skills such as concentration, listening, visualization,      memory, imagination, creativity, and whole brain activation.
To keep the class interesting, there are skill exercises in math games, animal series games,      speedwriting, visualization, etc.
  Brain gym – an exercise program for healthy brain functioning.
  The program is offered as 10 levels of 12 classes each. Normally a level is for a period of 3 months      duration, and each class is for 2 hours duration once in a week.
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